Expired20% Discount – ACID Music Studio 11

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20% Discount – ACID Music Studio 11
20% Discount – ACID Music Studio 11
$47.99 $59.99

ACID Music Studio 11 - Simply creative

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Sony ACID Music Studio 10

ACID Music Studio for Home-Based Music Makers and Editors

ACID Music Studio was designed to cater to home-based editors, producers, and creators of music.  It is basically what you need if your work requires loop-based audio output, recording of audio, and production of MIDI. Along with this, the user will also be able to conduct and process effects, as well as the ability to mix top-of-the-line studio quality music. After all the outputs done with the help of this software, the user can then share the output through burning files into CDs, or share via the World Wide Web, or simply to produce MP3s for your own perusal.

ACID Music Studio

Features of ACID Music Studio

The software is equipped with quick-and-easy to understand tutorials that are interactive so as to guide a user accordingly. This way, the user will get to know the basics of music composition, the process of mixing and editing, and so much more. All these features can contribute to a user’s progress in the business or practice of music making. It can also serve as a way to improve if a user is seriously considering a career in the music industry.

Learn the works of music production on your own. ACID Music Studio does exactly this by offering features that will aid an established music maker down to a budding music maker. One of the abilities of the software is that it allows the user to record music plain and simple. The user can simply plug in a microphone and perform. The user can also record while he or she is performing any certain instrument.

On the other hand, for budding DJ mixers, the ACID Music Studio allows the user to import existing MP3s for the process of remixing and combination of tracks. There exists a Beatmapper tool to aid a user to conduct remixing of tracks as well as existing DJ sets. The user will also be able to use tasteful and elegant music effects to make an audio’s quality become up to par with professionally produced materials.

There are many audio effects to be used freely by the user, such as filters, distortion effects, virtual instruments, timestretching, chorus, EQ adjustments, and so much more. As for editing, the software is equipped with MIDI tools and functions to personalize and customize audio on a professional level. This tool will allow a user to have complete control on the audio in terms of the technicalities of the project.

On top of all the wonderful features of the software, there exists a free library with an extensive array of loops from different genres. The library is exclusive to users of the software and is constantly updated. This will help music creators to produce one-of-a-kind music that will have a professional quality to it.

Basically, the ACID Music Studio is a program that was made to be used by both beginners and professionals. It is a fuss-free software system that is easy to navigate. It can be used to make music, or remix and edit music for work, sharing, or for plain ole enjoyment. Because of this software, regular people can easily have access to understanding how music works out.